Coursework is the development of an independent study on a particular subject with elements of scientific analysis, reflecting the theoretical knowledge and practical skills obtained. The aim of any coursework is to check your ability to work with literature, analyze sources, and make informed conclusions.

Skills acquired during coursework writing to express your thoughts, make calculations will be useful in the future, when writing a thesis. A coursework is a scientific work that shows the knowledge of a student on this discipline at this stage of learning.

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A standard coursework must include the following:

- List of Contents

- Introduction

- The main part

- Conclusion

- References

- Applications (on requirements - tables, graphs, charts, etc.)

The preparation of the coursework is divided into several steps:

- Selection of the topic and its approval by the scientific adviser.

- Analysis of the literature that will be used when writing the work.

- Studying of the guidelines and requirements.

- Completing of the work.

- Defense.

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